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Unique Retail Solutions

We will listen to you, advise you, and provide you with recommendations

We give each idea a unique design and style

We know how to go about it

Prototypes that will

reassure you

No limits

All in the one place

It's time to get going

We accommodate and arrange


About the company

We have specialised in high-quality production, creative and original design, the construction and technology of all sales and commercial interiors since 1994. We design, manufacture and supply a full range of equipment for points of sale, showrooms, offices, hotels, Shop in Shop, and POP / POS using all types of materials and technologies.

We bring you the greatest benefit on the market: one supplier that is able to deal with your plan in its entirety, logistics, installation, and related services included.

We design, model, and test commercial premises and individual POP / POS so that they fulfil their purpose to perfection. We are continually looking for new technologies and production processes so as to effectively increase the value of our clients' investments. Our full range of production facilities and equipment makes it possible for us to respond flexibly to most conventional and unconventional situations and requirements, such as speed, quality, modularity, transport and installation, as well as the costs of the final price. TIME is the biggest challenge we face.

Our established ISO 9001/2016 Quality Management System and our continual efforts to improve it combine to provide our clients with a high level of reliability - guaranteed. As a result, the world's most important companies / brands work with us. We transport and install completed projects throughout Europe. Our strategic location in the heart of Europe, a mere 15 minutes from an international airport, coupled with our modern facilities and showroom mean that all the conditions are in place for you to arrange a visit and tell us what you need.

Continual investment in and development of the company led us to take the decision to expand and to go the road of a holding structure so as to be able to cover each service in detail. This change brings our clients nothing less than the benefits of a great result.

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